Criterion NDT produces a wide variety of eddy current probes used for inspection of critical or essential components. We serve the needs of major manufacturers in the automotive, medical, and industrial markets.

Standard and custom probes are solidly built to handle extreme production environments, and incorporate advanced wear materials to maximize probe longevity. Our probes and systems are most commonly used to:

  • Identify the existence of cracks or flaws
  • Verify proper heat treat and material structure
  • Confirm the presence of threads or features

All of our probes come with Lemo connectors and are designed and tested to work with our suite of eddy current test instruments .

Standard Pencil Probes

Standard crack and flaw pencil probes are often used where there is easy access to the defect.  These probes are designed to minimize noise.  They are made with stainless steel housings and can be designed with ceramic of stainless steel tips for improved wear resistance. 

Standard Eddy Current Encircling Probes

Standard heat treat and material structure encircling coils are built using a single drive coil and multiple receive coils. High wear inserts can be made from ceramic or stainless steel materials depending on the application needs. 

Optional coil handles are also available to simplify replacement in high wear environments such as bar, tube, and wire inspection.

Custom Probes and Probe Fixturing

Criterion NDT’s custom probes and probe fixturing are manufactured to fit unique applications and requirements. Our engineers design these probes to fit the a specific part under test as closely as possible in order to maximize signal response.

Please contact us to talk about how our eddy current probes and instrumentation can fit your application requirements.