Criterion NDT eddy current test systems can be used to validate critical components used in medical and life science applications.  These components usually require 100% testing.

For medical tubing, such as that used in hypodermic needles, finding holes or flaws in the raw or pre-formed material is critical. For this reason we design eddy current probes that are matched to the diameter of the needle material. This helps to maximize the signal- to-noise ratio, enabling manufacturers to find the smallest flaws possible.

These probes are designed using high wear materials in order to maximize probe life in high volume production environments. Our eddy current instruments easily interface to tubing cutters via industrial I/O to remove material that is found to have flaws.

Other medical and life science applications include:

  • Checking scalpels for proper harness
  • Checking implants for cracks
  • Checking heart valve wire for flaws