A properly designed material handling system is essential for successful production line eddy current testing. This helps to ensure that:

  1. The eddy current probe is in very close proximity to the part under test to maximize test results.
  2. The probe is consistently placed on every part or the results will vary.
  3. For a crack and flaw test, the probe is swept over the area to be tested. In most cases, the part is rotated or moved. Sometimes however the probe spins.
  4. Eddy current systems are correctly integrated into high speed production lines. It is important to have good interfaces between the eddy current instrument industrial I/O and the production line.

All of our test instruments are designed with a full suite of industrial I/O that interface to PLC’s used to control production line feeders. We work closely with a number of material handling companies, and can work with any material handling company or systems integrator of your choosing. We can also supply simple material handling solutions.

Traditional material handling stations are custom designed for each production line. They consist of an input conveyor, an output conveyor, a sorting mechanism, and a reject chute. The eddy current test instrument interfaces to the material handling station through industrial I/O on the back of the instrument.

Simple sorting stations can use gravity feed and single or multiple coils.  Robotic work stations can also be set up for custom sorting applications. Like traditional material handling stations, these robotic work stations also interface to the eddy current instruments industrial I/O.

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