Criterion NDT eddy current test systems are ideal for finding surface and near surface defects in metallic components. Testing is fast, accurate, and repeatable, and the technology is much better suited for in-line production inspection versus magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing. Our systems are easily integrated into manufacturing production lines where they ultimately provide checks and balances for production processes.

Eddy current defect testing is a dynamic test, and is accomplished by running energized coils over an area to be tested. As the coils pass over a crack or flaw, the eddy currents are forced to deviate, and this deviation is detected by the eddy current instrument. A typical flaw defect response looks like the image shown. Alarm limits are adjustable so instrumentation triggers only on flaws that are deemed critical.

For simple applications, our CR-11 single channel eddy current instrument used with one of our standard probes may be a good fit. For complex shapes, a multi-channel eddy current instrument and multi-coil probe are required. In either case a material handling solution is necessary to properly position the probe with respect to the part under test.

Eddy current crack and flaw testing can be performed at rates up to 100 parts per minute (depending on the application), making the test easy to integrate into a production line. Other advantages of our eddy current flaw inspection systems include:

  • Instantaneous responses
  • Extreme sensitivity to surface flaws
  • Green technology, requiring no chemicals or couplants
  • Reliable reproducible results
  • Easy integration into production lines via industrial I/O for 100% part inspection