Eddy current inspections can be used to verify proper assembly of critical components.  Similar to a material structure inspection, this type of test looks for changes in an assembly under test verses a known good assembly. Any differences are flagged by the eddy current instrument, and a reject I/O indication is sent to the production line.

Eddy current feature tests can be performed in a few seconds making the inspection process easy to integrate directly into a production line.

Assembly Verification Test Examples:

  • Confirm inclusion of shaft retaining keys or pins
  • Verify metal keepers in rubber molded parts
  • Validate proper number of burst discs inside an air bag inflator
  • Check for proper orientation of piston rings

Other advantages of eddy current assembly verification systems include:

  • Instantaneous responses
  • Reliable, reproducible results
  • Does not rely on system operator
  • Easy integration into production lines for 100% part inspection rates