Inspect every part to reduce the chance of failure

Every bad bearing that leaves your plant represents a corporate liability.  Having a cost effective roller bearing inspection solution that integrates into your production processes greatly reduces the exposure that comes from shipping a bad part.

Inspect in-line, in real-time

In-line, real-time inspection gives you the opportunity to catch defects as they happen, and allows flawed bearing components to be rejected before additional value is added.  Unlike off-line batch testing, in-line inspection also allows you to quickly find and correct process problems, reducing lost revenue due to scrap.

Roller bearing flaw detection

Criterion NDT delivers in-line eddy current inspection solutions capable of finding flaws in cylindrical and tapered roller bearings.  Figure 1 shows an eddy current probe used to inspect a tapered roller bearing.  Our eddy current instruments integrate with production sorting mechanisms to reject bad bearings in real-time.  Roller bearing flaw detection video.

Roller bearing heat treat and material structure verification

Criterion NDT delivers in-line eddy current test systems that can identify and sort out roller bearings with improper heat treatment.  The inspection typically takes less than a second and is easily integrated into a production line.  The systems are typically capable of sorting parts that are just a few Rockwell readings apart.  Figure 2 shows a heat treat testing coil and tapered roller bearing.  Roller bearing heat treat verification video.